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Age2in is an age verification application powered by biometric technology and superior artificial intelligence algorithm.

Why Age2in?

Some venues, activities and processes appeal to people over a certain age.

The Power of Biometrics

Rely on face-based biometric verification and vitality detection as a powerful deterrent for scammers or minors using fake ID.

Increase Your Sales and Customer Interaction

Increase your online sales and operations, eliminate middlemen and third-party systems, knowing that you are following age verification rules. Provide customer interaction in compliance with legal regulations by verifying the ages of users within seconds in online and remote services.

Provide Service Compliant with Legal Obligations

The acceptance of financial obligations that young people do not understand in banks, pharmacies, online shopping sites, cinema, gaming sites, betting sites and other online service industries, may result in liabilities that include the family, the business and other users of the site, and may harm more than one party.
Deliver effective service by making sure your leads are of age with online age verification.


Contactless and Secure Age Verification

Age filtering applications with identity control at the entrance of places and events with age restrictions provide protection in practice. However, without the systems that control the information provided, this procedure is vulnerable to attempted identity and document fraud. Age2in with both contactless and secure age verification features, shares only the required age information with the other party.

Empower Brand Reputation

Companies that perform effective (KYC – Know Your Customer) are less likely to face severe penalties for negligence and ultimately age verification checks also help protect your brand reputation. Age2in allows organizations and individuals to protect themselves from harm, offers a filtering method that is compliant with business ethics in important sectors such as health, finance and technology, will set an example for other initiatives in the sector and will take you one step ahead, contribute to your corporate culture and image.Show the world and families that you take age verification and the safety of minors seriously.


With Age2in, lead your industry not only with your work but also with its business principle.

How does it work?

• Using age2in does not require technical knowledge. Age verification is quick and easy. You can verify in seconds with a live selfie and a photo of your identity document.

• Age2in compares photos of your selfie and ID and biometrically verifies your age.

• Your data is stored only in your device and in a special encrypted file format by being converted to a digital code unique to you. In this way, you do not worry about your data being used without your knowledge and permission.


Age Verification

Age2in extracts the date of birth and face photo from government-issued identification documents to calculate the person’s current age. Our artificial intelligence-based identity document verification technology checks whether documents such as identity, driver’s license, passport are authentic. With instant selfie, the face verification of the people is made and the age taken over the ID is presented to the institutions.

Fraud Detection

Prevent real-time identity fraud with online customer recognition.For your customers to access your services or make purchases, a live selfie is matched with the photo on the ID card. Our artificial intelligence technology that detects fake and stolen identities leaves no fraud loophole. Detects blacklisted identities and users in seconds. Our vitality detection algorithm checks the authenticity of the captured face photos.
Age2in yaş doğrulama uygulaması

Viability Detection

Age2in is a age verification solution that includes vitality detection and 3D depth perception, enabled by biometric authentication algorithm. Thus, it detects deception processes such as print photos, realistic 3D masks, digital photos or videos from the phone and garanties the physical presence of the customer making a service purchase or creating an account.

Age Prediction and Categorization

Age Prediction is our algorithm that determines the probability of a customer being in a certain age category, above a certain age or under a certain age. If you want to check the age of your customers in your services without authentication, you can manage the process anonymously with our age estimation algorithm.
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Flexible System that Fits Your Budget and Legal Requirements

Customize the age limit and frequency of age verification for digital customer acquisition and remote services. Age2in enables you to develop a customized age verification solution that fits your budget and legal requirements. Manage your remote services from a single point with the system where other sub modules of See & Sign can be easily integrated.

No Need for Extra Hardware Costs

Do your age verification operations without the need for hardware such as barcode reader, card reader, scanner, camera. For all your transactions, only a smartphone or a computer with which you can connect to the internet is sufficient. Complete the age check by entering the 6-digit verification code of your customer who has completed the age verification process on the mobile or web application or by having the biobarcode read on your phone.

In-Store and Online Verification

Whether remotely online or in the store, Age2in helps you verify the age of all your customers. Just use a smartphone or computer for verification.

Mobile and Web Application

Age2in is offered as both a mobile application and a web application. In this way, you will have the protection of Age2in all devices and environments.

Easy Integration

Age2 can be easily integrated into the interface of your existing sites and applications. This way, you can get Age2’s protection without changing your brand image and building your web and mobile services from scratch.

Data security

Age2in biyometrik veriniz ve yüz görüntünüzü geri dönüştürülemez biçimde sayısallaştırılır ve özel dosya formatında, şifreli şekilde sağlar. Bu sayede verileriniz güvende olur. Kimlik doğrulama adımı biyometrik verinizin sadece sizin istediğiniz kurum ve kişilerle paylaşılmasını sağlar ve kişisel bilgilerinizin izniniz ve kontrolünüz dışında kullanımını önler.

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